Last week we went out to take a look outdoors. We had to look for things we didn´t like. Our focus was pollution.
It is unbelievable how much rubbish we throw away. We have to do better.


In science we decided to make an effort to change this.
We went out taking photos and search for information about what rubbish does to nature.
We want our school to make an effort – each and everyone. Our pupils’ council have decided to make a “Rubbish day”.
In science we talked about wanting to be better at taking care of nature. We will treat nature like we want to be treated.


Our headline is: “Nature is hot, rubbish is not”.
We make campaigns, slogans, a rap and pamphlets.

Learning by doing :)







At the moment we are working with at story called “Wild Bill”. It´s about a boy called Bill. He has a fantasy about being an American footballplayer like his father. One day Bill borrows his fathers gear, and he imagines he is playing  the match of his life.

On the photos above we draw and write about our fantasy.