Visiting artists…

Before we had our spring break, we had a visit from our artists. The students had been very much looking forward to this visit. Louise and Christian, our artists, were ready to inspire us to create a greater connection to nature. The students were divided into two teams. One team went with Christian out into the natural surroundings; here they had to do different exercises. Before the trip with Christian ended, they had all found at thing of natural origin which will be following them throughout the project.

At Louise’s the students were asked to express themselves through dance and music with nature in mind. The teams swapped, so both teams had been with Louise and Christian. We all ended the day together practicing the choreography of the dance – it was really good. The students have got homework to do. They have to write a story about their natural object from the surroundings. They have to make it into a live figure. They also have to make a drawing of their object.

We look forward to continue working with Louise and Christian. They will come and visit us again next week for three days.


IMG_4531 IMG_4537

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